19 plus driver races

Karts lined up in the pits

A collection of racers celebrating on the podium

Exclusive Track Events for groups with 19 or more Adults drivers (Minimum 14 years old)

Indy Grand Prix

Minimum of 19 drivers.

All drivers get a 10-minute practice and qualifying heat to set a fast lap time. Once all qualifying heats are completed the drivers will then be allocated either a winners or runners-up final 20 lap race with medals for the top 3.

Price - £45 per person.

Team Endurance race

Enduro 75

1 hour 15 minutes. Teams of 2 drivers all take part in a 15-minute qualifying session and then take part in a 60 lap endurance race whilst alternating drivers.

Minimum of 10 teams up to a maximum of 18 (2 drivers per team required).

Price - £45 per person.

Enduro 90

1 hour 30 minutes. Teams of 3 to 4 drivers all take part in a 15 minutes qualifying session and then take part in a 75 lap endurance race and alternate drivers.

Minimum of 10 teams up to a maximum of 18 (3 to 4 drivers per team required).

Price - £50 per person.

Our new state of the art computerised timing system means all competitors receive a full analysis of their performance emailed to them straight after the race has finished.

At the end of the heats we will have a table of each driver’s accumulated points. If two or more finish with equal points, the computer will work out who had the fastest average lap times and move them to the top.

You can book in three ways