Corporate away days

Staff integration and team building

Whether you’re -

  • merging teams
  • trying to improve communication across departments
  • or integrating new staff 

team away day’s work.

Break the corporate mould by avoiding building a bridge out of straws in a bland conference room and find new ways to make team-building memorable.

Build employee resilience, tenacity and independence

Build resilient, tenacious staff by investing in their development. Moving your employees out of their natural comfort zone is a great way to help them grow and thrive. They’ll thank you for it later.

An opportunity to assess potential

Team away days can be tailored to meet any objective. We provide a great platform for assessing leadership potential as well as other desirable workplace skills - 

  • communication
  • resilience
  • teamwork
  • independence

Improve employee retention

A great way to recognise and celebrate your staff, foster teamwork and show that you care about your employee’s work-life balance. Invest in your staff and their happiness, they will reward you with loyalty.

Look after employee health – physical and mental

In our work place the physical and mental health of your employees should be top of the priority list. Your people are your greatest asset, so treat them like they are.

Think outside the box

Taking your team away from their normal working environment helps aid creative thinking. Adventurous team building gives employees permission to let their hair down and the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other in a new setting.

Create a culture you’re proud of and make sure your company stands out from the crowd

Everyone wants to work for a company that looks after their employees. Everyone wants to work for a business that invests in their professional and personal progression. Create a healthy workplace culture and you’ll be surprised how it can positively impact recruitment.

How Hull Karting can help you deliver a great experience for your team

Individual Karting events (1 to 3 hours)

Short on time or budget? We can take your team out of the office or workplace for 1 to 3 hours and deliver an event and experience they won’t forget with us at Hull Karting.

Larger or Full Day events

Wanting a bigger event or for larger companies we can work with you to book the whole site out and deliver other activities on site as well as the karting bespoke to meet your needs.

We are adaptable to meet your needs regardless of size of business and your team.

Access our corporate leaflet here.

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