Driver briefing and online registration

Hull Karting takes all drivers safety very seriously and are also a certified and approved member of the National Karting Association (NKA). We meet all of their guidelines for karting.

Driver safety briefing

Before you can enjoy the fun and excitement of go kart racing, all drivers must watch, in full, the National Karting Association safety briefing video, immediately before attending any event at Hull Karting. 

Parents and legal guardians of under 18's attending Hull Karting events are responsible for ensuring that their daughter/son/ward has watched the National Karting Association briefing and safety video, and that they watched it along with them to ensure that they fully understood all of the instructions, information and advice in the video, immediately before attending a Hull Karting event.

The safety video must be watched before every event by drivers.

Driver online registration

All drivers at Hull Karting must register and create an online account before arrival. (The below link will open in a new tab).

Register here

Parents and/or Guardians of under 18-year-olds must create an account and add any under 18’s to the account at the “Add a Minor Section”.

As part of registering a minor they are confirming that they have watched and fully understood the ‘National Karting Association briefing and safety’ video embedded above, immediately before attending, and that they fully understand and accept that go karting and motor sports are inherently dangerous activities.

After online registration

Drivers then attend Hull Karting and will be required to use the kiosks to “Check in” on arrival for their event.

18-year-olds and under need to be checked in at the kiosks with the parents or guardians account email address and the young person’s date of birth.

16-year-olds and under will require a parent or guardian on site at all times.

16 and 17-year-olds can check in themselves and be on site without a parent or guardian.

All drivers will undertake a further ‘Verbal health and safety briefing’ and check before they will be allowed to drive.

If at any point during the process the staff at Hull Karting believe a driver has not undertaken and watched the National Karting Association briefing and safety video (link opens in new window) in full, or that the driver does not fully understand the instructions or information, the driver’s session will be terminated immediately* for the driver’s safety and that of the other drivers and staff.

Any drivers during the session that are deemed to be driving dangerously to either themselves or our drivers or staff will also have their session terminated immediately*

If you have any issues or want further advice, support or guidance regarding the NKA safety video or briefing, please contact us before your event.

In any event or technical issue we will request drivers to complete a hard copy paper version of the consent forms instead.

Drivers consent forms are set for the following ages –

  • 8 years old and over –  requires driver and parental signatures
  • 14 to 17 years old – requires driver and parental signatures
  • Over 18 years old – driver signature only

* If we cancel a session because we believe that you have not watched, understood the instruction on the NKA briefing or staff briefing this will be non-refundable.

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