Open race nights

Open Race Night

If you love the thrill and adrenaline of karting and racing but don’t have enough people to do your own event or just want to race karts regularly then our 14 (years old) plus Open Race Night is perfect for you.

Held on alternate Wednesday nights, the race format is a Hull Karting 20 where each driver will take part in a 10-minute Practice/Qualifiers and have a place in one of the 20 lap finals.

At the end of the Qualifiers we will have a table of each driver’s accumulated points. If two or more finish with equal points, the computer will work out who had the fastest average lap times and move them to the top.

The finals

Your place in the finals is determined by how many points you accumulate in the Practice/Qualifying Session and where you finish on the leaderboard.

Everybody competes in a 20 lap final with people who finished on a similar point total to their own. For example, in an event with 18 drivers this would result in two finals of 9 drivers, leading to a runners-up final (with medals for the top three places), followed by a winner’s final. There are medals for the top three places in the winner’s final.

The session costs only £20 per person.

All 14 to 17-year-olds must have a consent form completed and signed by their parent and/or guardian before racing.

Dates of the events are advertised on our Facebook page (link opens in a new window) so like and follow us to receive details of the next 14 plus Open Race Night or other offers.

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