Our karts and track

Our karts

All of our karts are always bought from new. They are maintained and repaired by our experienced level 3 qualified mechanics and staff team.

We operate the Biz Evo 2 – 270 cc Petrol Kart for all of our Endurance and Grand Prix events. These karts are specifically adjusted for our 650 metre track and are capable of reaching over 40mph!

For our Book and Drive events and Quick Races we use the Biz JK 2 Single 200 cc Petrol Kart. This kart can reach speeds of over 35 mph – easily fast enough for any driver, from novice to experienced karters.

For our junior drivers, from 8-years-old and up, we use the Biz JK Junior Single 160cc Petrol Kart. These are idea for the younger driver but fast enough to give them a true driving experience.

The track

Overhead view of the trackHull Karting has one of the largest purpose built outdoor karting circuits in the country.

The track and centre where built in 2005 and cost over £1.1 million, due to the specialist racing tarmac that was laid for the circuit. The tarmac was to enable the karts to get the maximum grip possible compared to other sites, especially indoor circuits. The main track, at present, is over 650 metres long and our Biz Evo 2 270cc Petrol karts reach over 40mph and average 35 mph over the course!

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BizEvo2 go kart
BizEvo2 go kart
Biz JK 2 Single 200cc petrol kart
Biz JK 2 Single 200cc petrol kart
Biz JK Junior Single 160cc petrol kart
Biz JK Junior Single 160cc petrol kart
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