Quick race

Please note

Only drivers aged 14+ can take part in grand prix and endurance races (all 14 – 17 yr olds must have parental consent form signed by their parent/guardian).

All participants should wear flat soled footwear, e.g. trainers, and casual clothing. Please be aware that when it rains, even with a wet suit, you will get wet!

Under no circumstances will anybody known to be under the influence of drink or drugs be allowed on to the circuit. The company also adopts a zero tolerance policy with regards to –

  1. deliberate damage to company equipment
  2. abusive behaviour towards staff

Anyone in breach of the above will be asked to leave the premises and be subject to the full force of any applicable legislation. All deliberate damage will be charged in full.

Our consent forms

More information on our safety policy and procedures

Quick races are for groups of between 8 – 18 people who will compete against each other in a ‘first to the chequered flag’ race.

Practice session

The experience starts with a 10 minute practice/qualifying session. This allows you to get used to driving the kart, learn the track layout, and the chance to set a ‘fastest lap’ time for your grid position at the start of the race.

The race

After the practice/qualifying session, drivers return to pits before being sent down to the grid in the order they qualified, fastest first. Once all drivers are on the grid the green flag goes down and it’s a race to be the first past the chequered flag. Drivers use the same kart in the race that they qualified in.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown we will try to substitute a spare kart, if possible. If no spare is available the participant will have to retire from the event. If any damage to the kart has been caused by driver error, the session may be stopped and the race not restarted.

Ideally all participants should be wear flat soled footwear, e.g. trainers, and wear casual clothing. Please be aware that when it rains, even with a wet suit, you will get wet!

Pricing information

Session Information Cost £ per driver
Quick race For 12-18 drivers
10 minute qualifying plus a 15 lap race individual race
Medals for podium positions and bubbly for the winner.

Call us to book
Tel: 01482 308740

Balaclavas and gloves

All customers must either provide their own gloves and balaclavas that are appropriate for karting, or they may purchase them (to keep) from Hull Karting for just £2 each or £3 for a set.

Gloves must be appropriate for karting and have grip on the palm.

Suitable karting glove
Suitable karting glove showing grip
plain balaclava

Drivers with incorrect or unsuitable gloves to drive will have to buy correct gloves to be able to drive.